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Hurricane Irma – Virtual IT Managers Friends, Families and Clients

After the terrible outcome for our Houston and surrounding areas based clients/friends/families as a result of hurricane Harvey, it’s difficult to imagine what we in Florida will be undergoing shortly with hurricane Irma on it’s way…….We’ve done everything possible to assist our clients to prepare their businesses for what we’re about to face…….We’re praying that everyone is ready, secure, well protected and safe. Know that we are thinking of all of our family and friends.

Going off the air and will be back once Irma as passed……..Be safe!!!!


Luis Arroyo Jc.
Managing Partner
Virtual IT Managers, Inc.

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How To Ensure The Heat Doesn’t Fry Your Server (And Your Profits!)

Could The Dog Days Of Summer Be A Threat To Your Business?

With the “dog days” of summer upon us, most business owners are looking for ways to keep their company’s sales and profits HOT, while keeping their IT expenses COOL. But if proper attention is not given to your server and network equipment during the summer, all that heat outside can actually bring your company’s growth to a grinding halt and increase your IT expenses significantly.

Excess heat can be a big problem for small to mid-sized business servers, since a server that becomes overheated usually costs more in energy, fails more often and is more likely to crash. For most companies, a server crash can mean hours or days of downtime, unproductive employees, HUGE amounts of stress and thousands of dollars in lost opportunity.

7 Steps Every Business Owner Must Take To Prevent a Heat-Induced Server Crash

Here are a few simple things you can do to prevent your server and network equipment from overheating and crashing this summer:

  1. Tidy up the server room; a neater room will increase airflow.
  2. Keep the doors to the server room closed and seal off the space.
  3. Make sure cold air reaches all the equipment.
  4. Have a redundant A/C unit that is specifically designed for computers.
  5. Buy a rack enclosure where the cooling is built into the bottom of the rack.
  6. Keep the temperature at no more than 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Consider virtualization or cloud computing so that you are generating a lower amount of heat in the first place.

Don’t let the summer heat get you down. Protect your server and computer equipment from frying with our FREE “Beat The Heat” Network Audit. To schedule your “Beat The Heat” Audit today, give us a call at 305-600-5459 or by going online at Offer Expires 8/31/15.

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Not “Feeling The Love” From Your Current IT Support Company?

Do They Act Like They Could Care Less About Keeping You As A Customer?

Not Responding To Your Calls Quickly, Nickel-And-Diming You For Everything, Leaving Problems Unresolved For Days And Forcing You To Manage Them?

Getting your computer network, phones and software applications to work shouldn’t be a monumental project, yet we constantly hear the above frustrations (and worse!) from local business owners who call us when they’ve finally had enough of the poor services and excuses from their current IT support firm.

Our Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift For You

If you’re finding that your current IT company just isn’t “showing you the love” anymore, we’d like to offer you a “sweet” Valentine’s Day gift of $250 in FREE IT support and services as a no-risk way of introducing our services to you and to entice you to “break up” with your current unresponsive, uncaring IT company and give us a try.

… And even if you don’t have an immediate problem to solve, you can use your $250 in free services to have us conduct our proprietary Multi-Point IT Systems Security And Performance Assessment on your office network.

During this Assessment, we’ll look for hidden problems developing under the surface that could turn into bigger, more disastrous events that could cost you thousands in lost productivity, downtime and computer repair bills. If nothing else, you’ll get a 3rd-party review of your computer network’s security, backups and performance; it never hurts to get a second opinion.

There’s Only One “Catch”

Because we’re giving away such a generous gift that will require a significant investment of our time and resources, I can extend this offer only to the first 7 potential new clients who respond, or until February 28, 2015, whichever comes first. This offer is valid only for businesses with 10 or more computers and 1 or more servers.

Call Us Today To Activate Your $250 In Free IT Support Services To Diagnose And Work On The Computer Problem Of Your Choice And PROVE We Can Do A Better Job!

Services We Provide:

  • Computer Support
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Network Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Flat-Fee IT Services
  • IT Help Desk
  • Server Support
  • Server Migration Planning
  • Data Backups, Disaster Recover and Business Continuity
  • And much more…

Claim Your $250 In Free IT Services Now:

  1. Go to:
  2. Call: 305-600-5459

Offer Expires February 28, 2015

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