7 Signs Your Computers Been Hacked

The world has witnessed a tremendous change with the advent of the Internet. Sharing and receiving information was never this easy. Banking, shopping, retailing, blogging, socializing, etc. went big in no time – and so did hacking. With the Internet spreading all across the globe, gave rise to serious security threat. This hijacking of your data is put to check with sophisticated PC or Mobile security software. So, how will a user know in the first place, whether a device is hacked? Check out few sure-shot signs to let you know that your device is under threat.


No.1: Fake Antivirus Messages

You cannot stop them by simply clicking on stop or cancel icon. These are generally malicious program to create a lure to buy the product and the services of some useless and unauthorized sites.


No.2: Useless Browser toolbars

New toolbars show up in your browser, which are of no use. The browser will give you a choice, to dump or remove the bogus toolbars. These are requests from unknown vendors. Always reject.


No.3: Redirected Internet searches

You land on some other page where you never intended to go. Most of the hackers get paid for redirecting your browser to some other website.


No.4: Random Pop-ups

The device receives unnatural pop-ups from several websites while browsing the Internet. You can’t stop them even with your browsers’ anti-pop mechanism.


No.5: Sending Fake emails from your email account

Receiving useless and fake emails is fairly common. The malware program or hackers obtain your list of friends from your email account address book and forward emails to access critical information from your PC or mobile device.


No.6: Sudden change in your online password

Change in your email account password. These are done purposefully by the hacker to take the user to the phishing page. Logging on this page will give them all personal details of your account.


No.7: Automatic movement of your mouse

This is the most significant sign of hacking. The mouse pointer moves automatically and makes selection without your choice.


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